Make over ₦7500 everyday on | How it works

To know more about how to make over ₦7500 everyday on, watch the video or go through the write up below.

Hello there!

Welcome to the Chateko Affiliate Programme where you can make and withdraw over ₦7,500 everyday from referring your friends to

About the Chateko Affiliate Programme

The Chateko Affiliate Programme pays members for referring their friends to be Premium Members on You become a Premium Member when you upgrade after registration with just ₦2,500. You can follow this link to upgrade and become a Premium Member

As a Premium Member, you are paid 60% of ₦2,500 (₦1,500), when you refer your friend to be a Premium Member. So if you refer 5 friends EVERYDAY, you get ₦7,500 EVERYDAYand you can place a withdrawal request EVERYDAY and get paid EVERYDAY.

Your affiliate commission is automatically deposited into your commissions wallet so you can always see how much you have made. Withdrawal of your affiliate commission can be made at anytime. You can withdraw a minimum of ₦1,500. Payments are processed within 24 hours after your withdrawal request is made.

Who can join the Chateko Affiliate Programme?

Anybody looking to make some good money can become an affiliate. The idea behind giving 60% to affiliates is to create a system that empowers the diligent.

What are the benefits of becoming a Premium Member

  1. Commissions - You get 60% commission for any person you refer, who upgrades to become a Premium Member.

  2. Activity - As a Premium Member you earn 10 times more than a free member. You are paid for your activities on - Likes, Comments, Posts, Reactions, Picture upload etc. Only Premium Members are paid for their activities on the website.

  3. Exclusive Freebies - As a Premium Member, you are added to a page, Chateko VIPs, free members dont have access to. On that page, you enjoy exclusive freebies and giveaways as a Premium Member.

  4. Withdrawal - As a Premium Member, you can withdraw all you make, both from activity and referrals. Only Premium Members can withdraw earnings from both activity and referrals.

  5. VIP Badge - As a Premium Member, you have a blue VIP badge attached to your name.

  6. Visibility - You get featured in the Premium Members area, which gives you more visibility as a user.

How often can I withdraw as a Premium Member?

You can withdraw everyday, as long as you have enough funds to withdraw.
The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦1,500

You can place a withdrawal request via this link
Please note that only Premium Member (members who have upgraded their account) can withdraw funds from their wallet.

How authentic is Chateko Nigeria

Chateko Nigeria is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with RC Number: 2681595. You may visit the CAC website if you wish to verify Chateko Nigeria.

What Next?

Step 1 - Become a member of
If you are not already a member, follow this link, | click on register and become a member of

Step 2 - Upgrade your account to a Premium account with just ₦2,500.
There are 2 ways to do this. You can pay online or pay from your Chateko wallet. Upgrading your account with online payment is easier, faster and automatic. Your account is upgraded immediately. You can do that by:

following this link
next, Click on the "upgrade now" button
next, Click on Pay online with paystack (a secure payment gateway)
next, Enter your card details and proceed with payment or if you have a GTB account, click on "GTB 737" tab on the Paystack pop up, and dial the code displaying on your screen.

If you wish to pay via your Chateko wallet, you need to fund it first. You can access your wallet via this link . You can fund it via online payment or bank transfer. If you wish to fund your wallet via online payment, follow this link to access your wallet | enter the amount you want to fund where you see "Replenish my account" | Click on the continue button and proceed with payment.

If you prefer a bank transfer, send a whatsapp message to 0708 679 6316 (whatsapp only) | The Chateko account will be sent to you | Add your username in the description while making your transfer so we can easily identify you and fund your wallet.

Once your wallet is funded, you can go to the upgrade page as usual with this link | Click on "Upgrade Now" | Click on wallet and your account will be automatically upgraded.

Step 3 - Refer friends to become Premium Members.
You do this with your affiliate link. You can find your affiliate link on the home page, after you login, or on this page

You get a link like this

You can easily share your affiliate link on whatsapp, facebook, twitter and telegram by clicking on any of the buttons below your affiliate link. You can also directly copy and share your link via any other convenient means. Once any user clicks on your affiliate link and registers, he/she becomes your referral and immediately they upgrade to become Premium Members, you get ₦1,500 in your commission wallet which you can access with this link

Step 4 - Withdraw your commission.
The good part about the Chateko Premium Membership is that you can cash out everyday. In Fact, you can cash out 3 times a day if you have enough funds to cashout. To request withdrawal, follow this link

If you are already registered, then follow this link to become a Premium Member