How Chateko Freebies Works


Every member of Chateko Nigeria is entitled to enjoy Chateko Freebies.
Chateko Freebies remains Free to access. No hidden charges. :)
The process simple.

You install the latest version of the app
To Install the Chateko mobile app, click here

STEP 2 - Be active
Chateko Freebies is only for active users.
You ensure within the last 12 hours, you have commented on atleast 15 posts.

STEP 3 - Access the Chateko Freebies section
In the app side menu, click Chateko Freebies and enter your email address to access the Chateko Freebies section of the app.

Fastest Finger Wins
Immediately you acccess the Chateko Freebies section, you will see the count down to the next freebie. Once the count down is over, you see the recharge card number and the network. So everybody sees the recharge card at thesame time. As soon as you see the card and network, recharge o! :) :) :) cause na Fastest Finger go win am... :):joy::joy:

Enjoy the Fun! :) :)
Enjoy Chateko Nigeria.