How Chateko Works


Chateko is the No 1 laugh community in Nigeria, where you find unlimited funny content, and also get the opportunity to earn cash into your bank account.


The funny contents you find on Chateko include picture jokes, savage replies, comedy skits and more. By default, when you login to, you see the funny contents as posts on your timeline. You are free to interact with these posts as you please, by liking/reacting or commenting. However, please note that your comment should be a reasonable statement, relating to the post and should not be a one-word comment (eg, ha, OK, lo, hmm, etc). You can be penalized, with reduction in earnings, if you post inappropriate comments.


There are now 2 types of earnings. Main or withdrawable earnings and bonus earnings.


This is the amount you earn when anyone you refer to upgrades to premium membership. You get 25% of the upgrade fee. Premium membership is renewed monthly, which means you earn 25% monthly. This earning is automatically credited to your Chateko balance, where you can withdraw to your bank account.


This is what you earn from your activity on When you like/react and comment on a post. You earn N3 for every activity. This earning is automatically credited to your Chateko wallet.

IDONWIN.COM is a raffle draw website where you purchase tickets and stand a chance to win cash prizes (up to N15,000) as often as possible. The more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances of winning the cash price.


You can fund your wallet with your BONUS EARNINGS on your wallet. In order to do this, your email and other details on MUST be the same with your email and other details on On your Chateko wallet page, just input the amount you want to transfer to your wallet, click the transfer button and your wallet will be automatically credited.

It is good to know is the only website where you can win a raffle without spending your money.


You can get bonus earnings and participate in raffles as a free member, but, there are alot more benefits as a premium member than as a free member.

  • A premium member earns N6,000 BONUS EARNINGS, every month, while a free member earns only N600 every month.

  • A premium member can withdraw his/her referral bonus to his/her bank account. A free member cannot.

  • Premium members have higher chances of winning more raffles because they have higher bonus earnings.


In order to give everyone a level playing field, no user is allowed to own multiple accounts. If discovered, you risk losing all your accounts.


The selection of a winner for each raffle is completely automatic and transparent.

First on each raffle, you see the names of all the participants and the time each participant bought his/her ticket.

Each raffle has a number of tickets that needs to be purchased for a winner to be declared. Once that number reaches, the system automatically selects a winner, from the participants of that raffle.

PLEASE NOTE: To claim your prize as a winner of any raffle, you must ensure your details on are the same with your details on and bank account details. You also need to provide a copy of your ID card so we can verify your identity.


Your BONUS EARNINGS can also be used to advertise your goods and services to members of

If you have any questions, send a message to the Admin on telegram or whatsapp on 0708 679 6316. remains No 1, when it comes to fun and freebies.

Keep enjoying