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* makes you laugh and pays you cash. Can you beat that? :)* is the No. 1 Laff community in Nigeria and the home of everything funny.
On, you find thousands of funny pictures, videos, comedy skits, savage replies and more. looks similar to facebook. So, what you can do on facebook, you can do on
However, unlike facebook, pays you cash, for everything you do. When you comment on a postor like a post on your timeline, pays you. derives its revenue from advertisement on the website and shares part of that revenue with all members. has an exclusive membership level called Premium membership.
Premium members get a higher share of the advertising revenue, actually 5 times more than what a free member gets, as well as other benefits.

Whether you are a free or premium member, you can cashout once you get up to N1,500 in your Chateko account balance.
That's not all, you are paid N600 for any friend who registers with your referral link and becomes a premium member.

Suffice it to say that no other social media platform in Nigeria, makes you laugh and pays you cash.

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